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Remedy is a fansite to CLAMP's series Gohou Drug. The layout and contents belong to Aelice. Please don't steal!

To Remedy, a Gohou Drug site!

+October 20, 2011

Remember me? Anybody even visit this site anymore? No news for four years, but finally something, and it's big!
Gohou Drug is being rebooted! The new series Drug & Drop will be published monthly starting November 4th, 2011 (Just three weeks from today)!
As part of the promotion for this new series, Clamp is republishing the three volumes of Gohou Drug with all new covers.
Check out Clamp's promotional picture for the new series in the gallery, and more info at the manga page.

+February 15, 2007

I'd just like to announce that I am not dead, I simply have nothing interesting to say most of the time. ._.
But I do today!
Today I bring you a delightful fanfic from Wolfen Moondaughter!
And on top of that, I bring you a brand new serialization of our favorite slashy boys, the gag strip Clamp in Wonderland EX. Grab it from the manga page.

+September 2, 2006

Hey folks! I come with updates! (Finally!)
As Clamp fans may know, Clamp made an appearance at AnimeExpo 2006 and did a question and answer panel. Naturally, one of the questions was about Gohou drug! They gave a very promising answer, you can read the whole Q/A panel transcript in the Manga section!
Don't forget to submit your fanfiction and fanart!

+August 15, 2006

Yipe, almost a year with no updates! I'm sure some people noticed the downtime, and I'm very sorry about that. But I've set up camp with a brand new host, hopefully nobody gets lost on their way here!
I really have no updates, but there IS a lot of news to report, I'll get on updating you on it as soon as I can!
And don't forget to submit your fanfiction and fanart!

~ Arashi // Past Updates
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