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Remedy is a fansite to CLAMP's series Gohou Drug. The layout and contents belong to Aelice. Please don't steal!

Volume Information..

+Where to purchase the manga?

TokyoPop has licensed this series under the title Legal Drug, and it's available everywhere manga is sold for $9.99 per volume.

If you prefer your manga in Japanese, the best way to to buy it is through manga sites that deal with imports. If you're REALLY lucky, a local comic shop may have it. It's not that expensive.. 8 bucks average each volume.

+ Scanlations

Please note that I will never host scanlations of anything that is commercially available in the USA, so don't even ask.

+ Clamp in Wonderland EX

After losing another game of mahjong, Kazahaya recieves a very interesting set of Mahjong tiles that promise him victory, but at what cost...?

This short gag strip was published in Kindai Mahjong, a bi-monthly Japanese manga magazine, and scanlated by me and other staff members at Be With You Scans:

+ Further Reading

+ Reboot..?!

Gohou Drug is being rebooted! The new series Drug & Drop will be published in Kadokawa's monthly magazine Young Ace starting November 4th, 2011! The new series will explore Kazahaya and Rikuou's pasts, as well as the past of the Green Drugstore.

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