Lawful Drug (aka Gohou Drug) is a shounen ai manga by CLAMP about yummy bishounen who work in a drug store. Find out if you're Kazahaya, Kakei, Rikuou, or Saiga. (Quiz by Aelice, owner of Remedy)

* * *

What's your supernatural gift?
Sleeping.. >_>;

What do you do all day?
Sle-- I mean, work. I work hard. Really.
Work. Contemplate my poor-ness. Do supernatural jobs.
Make fun of Kazahaya when I'm not saving his ass.
Boss people around.. what else?

Are you attracted to boys?
I probably wouldn't express my feelings anyway.
I have a boyfriend.
They're fun to explore and grope. ^_^
Ah! What kind of question is that?!

How do you feel now?

Describe your past.
Shh, that's a secret.
I left home, but won't tell anyone why.
Ugh.. a woman.. blood.. don't ask.
Past.. well, I started a drugstore.

I look best..
Nekkid, so that my tattoos show. *fangirls swoon*
In flashy sunglasses! *whips them out*
Always. I was born beautiful.
In a school girl's outfit..? O_O

Do others consider you handsome, or pretty?

What is your favorite part of Lawful Drug?
I guess the supernatural cases.
The bishounen.
Dude, the shounen ai implications. O_o
*twitch* So many.. indecisive..

What would you do if you were offered money for a fairly embarrassing job/errand?
Swallow my pride; I'm poor. ;_;
I'd get somebody else to do it.
Laugh and trick somebody else into doing it.
As long as it didn't embarrass me in a public place.. why not?

The chocolate scene?
I swear I don't remember what I did..
What got into him? .. shh, it was kinda hot.
CHOCOLATE!!!!!! <3<3<3 Wait.. Kazahaya.. it's -mine-.
.. chocolate scene? Aha ha ha. Amusing.