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Remedy is a fansite to CLAMP's series Gohou Drug. The layout and contents belong to Aelice. Please don't steal!

Bishounen can be drugs..

Gohou Drug (Lawful Drug) is a manga series by CLAMP, about a young man named Kazahaya who begins working in a drug store with Rikuou, the man who saved his life. As every series has to have a catch, the owner of the drug store, Kakei, often requests Kazahaya and Rikuou to do odd jobs on the side. Each job has its own touch of mystery, and each character seems to have some sort of secretive past. And angst. Don't forget the angst.

The artwork is by Tsubaki Nekoi, and to all those who love it and claim not to enjoy shounen-ai.. what are you trying to hide? This series is riddled with it.. not that I have a problem with that. ^_^ A must see if you enjoy series chock full of bishounen with mysterious pasts and interesting jobs.

The reason I find this series captivating is not only because of the bishies and shounen ai.. *ignores people who argue otherwise!* but the fact that I worked in a pharmacy before. =) I enjoy seeing CLAMP's play on it. Though my job definitely wasn't as exciting, I learned a lot from it. -.-;;

And before you ask.. no, I have no clue why a marijuana leaf is in the series logo. >_>; Might be some significance behind it.. though I'm sure the people located in the lab where I'm making this site think I'm some kind of hemp activist now or something!

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Wallpapers - Free for personal use only. If you want to supply one to your site, ask the creator for permission. Same thing applies to the skins.
Gallery - You are welcome to swipe one or two for a layout, but please do not grab them all to slip onto your own galleries. O_o

::When did you begin?

Remedy was created in January, 2003. Due to the lack of good Gohou Drug sites, Aelice decided to put together the little she knew about the yummy series into a shrine. [WHY aren't there more sites to this series? ;_; Ack.] Because I am so new to this manga, if you have any corrections or anything to add to Remedy, PLEASE email me. I'd really appreciate it, and I'll definitely give you full credit for your submissions!

::People working on this site?

Aelice | The creator and former webmistress of this site. She also maintains a personal site showcasing some of her beautiful digital art (full of even more delectable bishies ^_~).


Arashi | I've been maintaining Remedy for a little over a year now, since Aelice has been unable to continue maintaining it.

Warabi | Warabi worked on the scanlation project in the manga section before Gohou Drug was formally published by TokyoPop. She's calls herself a workaholic artist (of the poor kind) who has a case of insomnia and an urge to translate ^_^.

Extra Thank Yous go to..

::Gohou Drug or Lawful Drug?

Both mean the same thing. ^_^;; I often absentmindedly switch between both names. Feel free to use either. Gohou Drug just sounds cooler to me, though.

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