Remedy :: Past Updates

+October 1, 2005

Today there's a thrilling new fanfic by Advocate in the fandom section!

+September 9, 2005

Another quick update, a cute new fanfic by Ryoch4n in the fandom section!

+August 28, 2005

A quick update, there's new fanart by Blaze in the fandom section!

+August 3, 2005

Ooh, more pretty fanart by Shikamaru9nara in the fandom page!
Also, Wolfen Moondaughter has generously let me share her article Legal Drug Under a Miscroscope, it's a great and very detailed analysis! Lastly, I've added some stuff to the manga section.

+July 27, 2005

I have a treat for you today! First, a pretty new fanart by Shikamaru9nara in the fandom page.
Second, an interview with CLAMP! In this particular interview they discuss Gouhou Drug and give us a lot of insight and theories to play with (as well as anguish when they say how long they intended it to be before they had problems with publishing. T_T). Check it out at Usomitai's LiveJournal!

+June 17, 2005

Just a little update, there's a new Kazahaya fanart by Angelike Riddle at the fandom page.

+June 17, 2005

I've made various little updates all over the site, and I'm too lazy to list them all, see if you can spot them! ^^
The real update is to the fandom page, Wolfen Moondaughter submitted her lovely holiday themed Rikuou x Kazahaya fanart.

+June 11th, 2005

Hello all, just dropping in to say I AM alive and I'm ever ready to take your fandom submissions! ^^
In other news, TokyoPop released the last volume of Legal Drug on June 7th, so I've removed the scanlations from the manga page.
With that, it's the end as we know it, Clamp hasn't continued it beyond volume 3, but rest assured, if they do, I'll make sure to get you some shiny new scanlations right away ^^
Also, since it's the start of my summer vacation, expect some actual frequent updates from me; I'll be writing up profiles for more of the characters, crossover info, and any of your fan submissions! ^^
Oh, and another little note: I've replaced the guestbook, the old one is gone. ;_;

+February 12th, 2005

Oh my, almost three months with no updates! So sorry, I had a few complications, but in the end it turns out to be ignorance on my part. ^^'''
TokyoPop's Legal Drug went on sale on February 8, 2005, so I've removed the downloads from the manga section.
Also of note: TokyoPop published the Clamp North and South Side Exhibition artbooks, and South Side has a few Gouhou Drug illustrations!
Lastly, Infiny Omega sent me her sexy Kazahaya x Rikou wallpaper. Go get it in the download section!

+November 1st, 2004

Just a little update for now, but more scanlations are coming very soon!
I've added a nice little fanfic to the fandom section.

+October 12th, 2004

TokyoPop's Legal Drug volume 1 is now available in stores! The volume 1 scanlations are now gone. ^^

+October 7th, 2004

Sorry again for the lack of updates, I've been busy...scanlating!
You can now get Chapter 6 & 7 of volume 2 in the manga section! Get them!
Since people have been requesting, I shall try to finish chapter 9 and 10 next. Luckily I only have to do half of chapter 9 ^^.
Also, Tori sent me her sexy Kazahaya x Rikou fanart. Check it out in the the fandom section!
And a reminder, TokyoPop's Legal Drug volume 1 will be available in stores October 13th, so I'll be taking down the volume 1 scanlations on Oct. 12th.
Get them while you can!

+September 18th, 2004

w00t, Volume 3 is finished! Get the last chapter and the extras! Now!
Just an early warning, TokyoPop's Legal Drug volume 1 will be available in stores October 13th, so I'll be taking down the volume 1 scanlations on Oct. 12th.
Now to start work on volume 2. I hope I can finish before January, when TokyoPop's volume 2 is released O_o

+September 17th, 2004

Yikes, over a month with no updates. Sorry!
I'm currently working on scanlating the last bits of volume three, you can expect them in the not too distant future!
On another note, I've added a sexy new fanart of Kazahaya by KinkyMutouKamui.

+August 15th, 2004

Eek, sorry about the lack of updates again. I finished scanlating chapter 15, so go get it!
Just one more chapter, and volume 3 will be finished! It's a looong chapter though...X_x
Soon as I'm finished with chapter 16, I'll start work on volume 2 and the three missing omake chapters in all the manga volumes, so look forward to it!

+July 28th, 2004

Did a little fixing up here and there. Thanks MieZDate for pointing out the broken links in the gallery.
And thanks to Lara for pointing out that the download of scanlation Chapter 9 didn't work.
Speaking of the scanlations, I've asked Aelice to upload the scanlations to her college account, so no more temporary page! Downloads should be much faster now, w00t!

+July 26th, 2004

Whoops, another two weeks with no updates. I have a new chapter of scanlations, but it's not GD ^^'''''
Some of you may be familiar with Wish, another short CLAMP series illustrated by Tsubaki Nekoi. Well, I got my grubby hands on the Wish Artbook at a convention, and it contains a short manga chapter! Go get it!
In other CLAMP news, the four ladies have changed their names. They are now Aghewa Ohkawa, Mokona (with no last name), Tsubaki Nekoi, and Satsuki Igarashi (with different kanji).
Also, I've found this great site, Mangagedon, which has a good part of Volume 2 of GD scanlated. So while you're all fossilizing waiting for me to finish, you can check them out.

+July 10th, 2004

w00t, more scanlations! Chapter 14 is up on the temporary page, go get it!

+July 2nd, 2004

Well, well, lookie here.
Hm, name change. I don't mind it that much really, but it seems a lot of people are absolutely livid over it.
This, of course means that the scanlations for volume 1 will be taken down. Not to worry though, that's far from now (maybe in September).
As the rest of the volumes get published, I'll be taking down those scanlations too. (But then of course, I'd have to FINISH them...^^''')

+June 25th, 2004

Eep, sorry for three weeks with no updates, summer school ^^;;;
As an apology, I've set up this temporary page with some volume three scanlations, I'm still working on more, so please bear with me.

+June 10th, 2004

Another little update. I've updated the links section and removed several broken links.
Additonally, I got a new guestbook, so please do sign it.

+June 8th, 2004

Just a small update for right now, I found some cute chibi icons at the CLAMP-Net Loft. You can find them in the downloads section.
I also added 18 new scans to the gallery, so go check them out too.

+June 6th, 2004 Greetings visitors, I'd like to introduce myself. Aelice has handed control of Remedy over to me, and is gracious enough to continue hosting it ^^
I feel like I have lots of stuff to contribute to the site, since so very much can happen over a year and a half. However, I'm gonna let all the newness sort of trickle-down, rather than overwhelm. See, I'm procrastinating already, bad bad bad.
Over the next few days you MAY notice that some of the pages be down, that's just me messing something up. The page should be right back in less than five minutes.
Funzies You Can Expect:

  • Volume 2 Scanlations!
  • Volume 2 Character profiles!
  • More official pictures!
  • News on the TokyoPop release!
  • Crossover notes!

Oh dear dear dear, I still haven't properly introduced myself! You may all call me: Arashi

+June 1st, 2004

I want to apologize.. for the insane lack of updates. :| I am unable to continue working on Remedy (Which should be totally obvious by now, I really hate that I fell so behind on this site!), but if any of you would like to manage this site, I would love to hand it over to you. :) I can still completely host this webspace, so that's not a problem. If you're interested, drop me a line.Thanks!!

Also, thank you for those who told me the scanlations went down. My college account was transferred, but it's fixed now. ^^

+August 25th, 2003

Got a wallpaper donation from Jane. Slipped that into the downloads section.

+August 8th, 2002

Sorry sorry sorry for the lack of updates! X_X The Summer term was evil and wouldn't give me spare time to work on my sites. Also, for those who sent me emails and I took ages to reply, I apologize for that too. ^^;; From now on, send emails to THIS account instead, I check that one a lot more often. My college account got spammed with mail from the BGC section.

Xandra has some of the latest GD scans uploaded here. Feel free to view them.. just dont steal them. ^_^ Kazahaya in a wedding dress.. poor Rikuou must have cracked a few ribs from laughing so hard.

I made a new wallpaper called 'Stolen Dream' in the downloads section. >_>; Beware of Kazahaya and pretty swirly things.

There is also some fan fiction up. If you submitted any and its not up, my college account probably ate it. X_x; Please resend it to the new one, gracias!

Ooh, btw, Warabi IS planning on continuing the scanlations after she gets settled in her new apartment. Wish her luck. ^_^

+June 3rd

Long time, no update. :P If any of you read my blog, I am taking a full term in the summer, but they're fairly easy computer graphics classes I'm familiar with. So updates will be commencing regularly again. ^_~ Especially if you guys submit your fandom.

Bah, nobody told me the quiz was messing up. -.-' I removed it.. I'll try to make a new one soon. ;_; I'm sure Rikuou would have beat Kazahaya.. eventually. *sweatdrops*

We have two new fan fics up (finally XD), and some new fan art. I wanted to mention that the scanlations -WILL- be continued, but I can't tell you how soon. ^^;; Sorry about the delay on that. And you people who are trying to bribe Warabi to resume should be bribing me. XD I'd convince her! *coughs innocently* And my PayPal account can be found @--

*is dragged away*

+May 6th

Woo, today's my birthday! ^_^ *ish 18* Made you all a gift.. a little wallpaper. Enjoy.

Click Me!

+April 27th, 2003

In case you haven't checked Warabi's message on the board, she has quit the scanlation project. Really, how many of you seriously thought that if you flamed her to death, she'd crumble and get them up? Warabi had a life, and was doing the project out of her spare time for free. I can't believe some of the rude emails she got. -.-; She thanks the people that were polite when inquiring about it, though.

Please remember that people who run websites and work on such project are doing it out of their free time. If you have enough time to flame.. set up a website or online project of your own and see how hard it is. Warabi is really nice, and I feel bad that she had to go through this. I am VERY tempted to send the flamers friendly viruses, but she won't let me. :P I was also tempted to remove the scanlations, but the nice people that supported her deserve access to them.

Updates on the site: 2 new pictures to the gallery, and one new fan art. ^_^ Gracias, guys.

((I'm out of classes for this term, so updates will be appearing more frequently.))

+March 28th, 2003

I'm sorry for the lack of updates to Remedy. ;_; College has been keeping me busy.

+March 28th, 2003

This (lasted Lawful Drug installment from Asuka) is posted, with permission, from Xandra. Don't swipe them without her permission, okie? As you can see, CLAMP shows up when Rikuou first bring unconcious Kazahaya to the Green Drug.

There is also a new donated yummy wallpaper by Rane in the downloads section. ^_^ Thanks!

[Kazahaya standing about windswept leaves.]
Page 2
Kakei: Welcome back.
Kakei:....And what might that be?
Page 3
Kakei:"He fell."
Rikuou: "In the (square?)"
Kakei: "Just because he fell doesn't mean you should (what?)"
Rikuou: "I wasn't going to."
Kakei: (not sure what he says)
Rikuou: "So what are you gonna do with him?"
Kakei: "Well....
"Well, you were the one who picked him up. What were /you/ going to do with him?"
Page 4
Rikuou: I wasn't really thinking. Somehow I just felt like it.
Kakei: Somehow... huh.
Kakei: Well that's fine. You're such a pain anyway. (and can't understand the rest)
Rikuou: *bitching*
Kakei: Picking up people off the street and bringing them home /is/ a pain.
Kakei: And besides....
Page 5
Kakei: You probably were supposed to meet him.
Rikuou: Did you see that too?
Kakei: That's why there were two beds in the room upstairs, right?
Page 6
Kakei: He needs to be put to bed. He's been outside for a long time; he's completely cold.
Kakei: He's got nowhere to go, so we'll have him (work?) here. As a part-timer.
Kakei: We'll have him working like normal tomorrow so help out, okay?
Page 7
Saiga: "He came?"
Kakei: "Yes."
Page 8
Kakei: "(I've) been waiting for him for a long time. Waiting for him to meet Rikuou and come here..."
Saiga: "(...?)" Page 9
"That's why you opened up this shop."
(Now here's where it gets even more tricky. It could mean either one of two things...
1: He probably thinks of that boy very much or
2: He... That boy has someone he thinks of very much.) "{....Someone to protect." ]

+March 23rd, 2003

Fixed that broken scanlation link.. sorry for any problems that it caused yeh all. Thanks to those who told me about it! If you guys don't tell me about errors, I wont find them until a few days later, because I run a few other sites. ^^;;

Also, I finally finished the Lawful Drug bishie selector quiz.. *collapses* 'Bout time, neh? It's really simple.. but I had fun making it. Enjoy!

+March 22nd, 2003

Yep, for those who noticed, I'm hosting Remedy at my domain now. (Okay, 'our' domain, it's a rp project site.) ^_^ If the link is bugging you, feel free to access this site through .

The character selector will be up shortly! A creative writing project is killing me, so I'll get it up as soon as that's over with. In the meantime, because I know you all want to see Kazahaya in a school girl's uniform (XD Or is it just me..?), Warabi has finished the scanlation of the first part of chapter 9! Though it doesn't happen until the next part.. *weeps* See if you notice the cross-over CLAMP character! ^_^ Ah, and no, you're not crazy.. she did skip some chapters, but if you read the files, she explains why. If you can help her by scanning images from your GD manga for her, please email her. ^^

+March 14th, 2003

Thanks for mellowing down on stalking Warabi for more scanlations! She explains everything here. Though, you are MORE than welcome to email her and thank her for the excellent job she's been doing. ^_^

Kind of a teeny update; more images in the gallery provided by Sumeragi13, and a visitor alerted me that Lawful Drug can be found at Sasuga Books.

BTW, The second Rikuou (or anybody besides Kazahaya) wins in the poll, take a screenshot and send it to me. ;) The next bishie to get ahead of Kazahaya gets a month in Remedy's layout.

+March 12nd, 2003

*laughs* First of all, please no more stalking Warabi for scanlations. ^_^ She's working on them, but had computer problems and lost a nearly-complete chapter. Be patient with her.. she's doing it for free. ;_; Here's here full explaination. Also, for those who asked where to buy the manga.. Animenation and YesAsia have them. If any of you have more sources, please share them with me so that I can list them in the manga section.

In the meantime, I've fixed little things here and there.. if the poll is messing up, Kazahaya was winning by a landslide. ^^;; Gah. At least Rikuou was in second place.. Kakei and Saiga were falling way behind. Poor underappreciated bishies.

Andy submitted some fan art to the fandom section. ^_^ They're gorgeous! Check them out.

+March 2nd, 2003

Ak, doesn't accept Discover Card! ;_; I have the money, but I need a really good hosting plan. Sorry that it's not up on the new domain by now. I'm still hunting. ^^;

+February 28th, 2003

Moving to the new domain is taking a little longer than I thought it would, but it should be done sometime this weekend. ^^ *crosses her fingers* In the meantime to stall/entertain you writers, there is -another- GD fan fiction contest going on. :) PIFY is asking for a rather unusual challenge for yaoi writers. Basically, come up with a Saiga x Rikuou or Rikuou x Saiga fic. (The latter scares me! ^_^) If you're more familiar with Fuuma and Seishirou instead, feel free to try out for that one instead.

Go to the fandom section to learn about Remedy's own fan fiction contest. There are also two new wallpapers in the downloads section; one by me, and one generously provided by Rane. ^_^ Gorgeous wallpaper Rane, thanks!!

+February 24th, 2003

Still getting my webspace. ^^;; You'll receive Remedy's permanent address as soon as the host replies. I'm officially broke now, ak! Also still trying to decide on a domain name.. O_o Any ideas, please email me!

I uploaded a hilarious parody by Warabi today.. Remember that the fandom section isn't limited to art and fiction. ^_^ Fans who had other plans for the theatre scene will enjoy this..

+February 22nd, 2003

I am in the process of purchasing my own domain now. O_o I'll give you all the address to Remedy's solid site when it's up. After that, there should be NO problems with the scanlations. I still have no idea why blinked out, and I apologize for the inconvienence. You can message me through AIM or email, and I can send them to you directly in the meantime.

+February 21th, 2003

I already sent you all a link to another host providing the infamous chocolate scene scan, but a lot of you emailed me to beg Warabi to do a full scanlation of them after you saw her teaser in the end of Chapter 5's scans. ^_~ Your minds have been read, and wish granted! Both extras for Volume 2 are now in the manga section. I'm hungry for some chocolate and Rikuou too. O_o Go visit, now!

And please submit your Fan Fiction!! Come on, my CGed artwork isn't that bad. The first 10 submissions of the fan fic challenge get a free Lawful Drug fan art of their favorite character. (Hey, I'm poor ^^;;)

1) (lvl = easy) A fan fic with any unique 'extra' supernatural job you've come up for the Lawful Drug bishies to tackle.

2) (lvl = hard) A fan fic with Rikuou as the uke. O_o Don't ask.. I'd just like to see which talented writer could weave these.

Slip in your submissions! ^_^ Contest ends.. after I get those first 10 fan fics. O.o Then I'll post more challenges. Though any fan fics you've come up with are more than welcome!

Also, I love feedback on the site. (Comments, suggestions, what you'd like me to add) Feel free to leave comments or ramble about your favorite characters and scenes in the forum.

+February 20th, 2003

lol, Warabi has a unique way of thanking the people that have offered her comments on her Lawful Drug scanlations. ^_~ She's done four different fan arts to thank each of you. I've also slipped them into the fandom gallery.

1) This for some people who said they'd like to see Rikuou in bondage for once.

2) This is for all the people who I wasn't really sure about their

3) This is for all the people who insisted that Lawful Drug was not a Shonen Ai. (LMAO from Aelice XD)

4) This (wee, suggestive picture ^_~) is for the many people who emailed me just to tell me how much they love Kazahaya (sigh... poor Rikuou... why doesn't he have any screaming fans???).

[Argh, Aelice agrees! Kazahaya is winning in the poll.. cheaters! Post a vote in the forum so I can track a concrete vote. *sticks out tongue* *dodges tomatoes*]

The character selector quiz will be up on Sunday or Monday. ^_^ I'm still coding it, and making sure I can post it on my college account without getting killed for eating their bandwidth. XD

Also!! I would looove to see some Gohou Drug fan fiction. How about a small contest? Try to make a fic with Rikuou as the uke (O_o That's scary!) or a unique 'extra' job that you've come up for them to do. I don't have any money for prizes (poor student as I am..), but the first ten people to slip in submissions will receive a complete CG of their favorite Lawful Drug character.

+February 18th, 2003

Warabi (I'm sure you all perk up whenever I mention her ^^) has finished all of Chapter 5's scanlations! Yes, both part two and three. Go read them, go!

I'm working on a GD character selector, which are always fun. I'm horrible with coding, so be patient with me. *hides* *suddenly grins* I hope Warabi'll scanlate the chocolate scene in book 2. ^_^ The guy who was going to send me my GD volumes backed out on me. *weeps* How cruel is that?

+February 16th, 2003

Some new text translations are up, and Warabi also finished the first part of Chapter 5's scanlations. ^_^ Rikuou is in it, so I'm happy!! C'mon.. both of them in a dark movie theatre.. who can resist? I'll stop now and let y'all head off to read it. ^^

+February 12th, 2003

*evil cackle* Rikuou is winning in the poll. ^_^ I'm happy!

Yep, more updates! I've typed up the second chapter's translation from Warabi's scanlations. I also created a new wallpaper in the downloads section called 'Digitized,' which shows how much time I had to fool around with Photoshop yesterday. >_>;

Warabi has finished all of Chapter 4 in the scanlations section! 'Specially for you Kazahaya fans! She works fast, neh? She also submitted some gorgeous fan art, so I'm really happy the fandom section isn't completely naked now.

Also, if you have your own Lawful Drug site, please join the webring! I'd love to unite us all somehow. ^_^; So yeah.. this is my small way. *sweatdrops*

+February 10th, 2003

Hey again! Geez, looks like I'll add to this site everyday from now on. ^_^ Okay, added another resolution size to the wallpapers (1024x768) for those that requested them. Sorry I didn't think to do that earlier! I assumed you all could use the stretch to fit screen feature, but that's just an excuse for my laziness. >_>;

Warabi has come up with the second part of Chapter Three (Volume 1) in her scanlations section. [Jesu Criste, she works fast!] If you're liking the series, buy it! *glomps the random visitors*

I also typed up the first text translation in case you're against scanlations or just want a handy print-out of the chapters. I'll type up chapters 2-3 tomorrow. ^_^ Warabi thinks she'll have a lot of Chapter 4 done this week too.

+February 9th, 2003

I want to thank everyone that's been helping me with corrections. ^^;; The problem with working on Remedy at night is that I zone out a lot. Warabi has come up with part of Chapter Three (Volume 1) in her scanlations section. If you're enjoying them, please contact her with your support. ^_^ Also, SakuraX generously donated some very yummy images for the gallery section. And as usual, I'm working on more downloads. If any of you want a particular character featured in a wallpaper or skin, feel free to contact me with what you'd like. I'm also working on a Gohou character selector. If classes don't kill me this week, I'll try to get it up. ^^;;

Also.. do the quizzy! I want to see who everyone likes!

+February 8th, 2003

For those of you who have been dying to sample the series, now is your chance! :) Warabi has been generous enough to let Remedy host her Gohou Drug scanlations! If you think scanlations are evil, I understand your opinion, but this is an excellent way to demonstrate CLAMP's latest beauty at work. If you enjoy the scanlations, please be nice and support the series by actually buying it. Scanlations are fun, but nothing beats owning the real thing, right? ^_~

Buy Lawful Drug! <--psst ^_~

Made a new wallpaper too. Decided to divide fandom and downloads into two separate sections. Also, is now hosting the site. Thank you very very much!

+January 31st, 2003

I wanted a new website dedicated to Gohou Drug, so I decided to lock myself in the computer lab and go crazy with Dreamweaver MX and Photoshop 7 until I came up with this. ~_^ Please forgive any typos or errors.. yes, I realize this isn't the best site in the world. This is a very new series to me.. please feel free to submit any information you'd like to share here.

Also, feel free to drop any comments on what you'd like made available on the site at the forum. :) (Gohou Drug section near the bottom)

What I'm really begging for are translations to the manga volumes, until I can get my hand on them and attempt the job myself. Also, if any of you are willing to share scans with Remedy, that would be greatly appreciated!