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Title: Sakura
Rating: Yaoi
Writer's Notes: --


* * *

Snuggling into his soft feather pillow, Kazahaya sighed lightly, enjoying his peaceful dream of white fluffy bunnies jumping around a field of fresh green grass below the pure blue sky. From the distance came a black bunny with golden eyes that seemed to be coming after Kazahaya himself. He began to run away, scared, but the black bunny kept getting closer and bigger.

Kazahaya let out a scream as the bunny jumped on top of him, squashing him. Everything went black until he felt his head spinning and heard a thud as his body fell on something hard. Groaning, he looked up to see Rikuou standing over him with a grin as he collected the bed sheets. Kazahaya growled as he stood to confront him, only to blink as he momentarily forgot how tall Rikuou was. A smirk covered his face with satisfaction.

“The sheets need cleaning.” Rikuou stated, looking very smug.

“Well you could’ve waited until I woke up!” Kazahaya yelled, fists clenched.

“Please, if I did that it would get dark before the sheet could dry properly.” His grin had become fixed on his mouth.

“Well you didn’t have to take them from under me! You could’ve woke me up first!” Kazahaya continued to yell; he couldn’t understand this guy!

“I needed to get you up because you always cry about how you’re late for work and that Kakei takes it out of your pay so I thought I’d be nice and wake you up in time.” That grin was still there! He was so close to wiping it off for him.

“Bastard.” Kazahaya mumbled as he walked into the bathroom.

Rikuou’s grin widened beyond what was natural as he eyed the bathroom door, “By the way, you’ve got five minutes.”

A load thud came from the bathroom followed by an array of curses. Rikuou left the bathroom sniggering to himself. He loved teasing the lad it was so easy. Kazahaya always acted like he was happy and in charge, but in reality he was a mess just waiting to be disturbed… and Rikuou was just that kid – as Kazahaya would describe him – to mess him up.

Rikuou sighed as he loaded the washing machine: he’d love to be the one to mess him up… as he had stated. Ever since he had found Kazahaya sitting in the street, dirty and exhausted, he had felt a connection with the lad that he had never felt before… and it scared him.

~ ~ ~

Kakei walked out of his office and over to Rikuou who was stacking shelves while being gawked at by schoolgirls from across the aisle.

“Rikuou, could you please deliver this for me.” Kakei smiled as he pushed a parcel into his hands.

“Sure.” Rikuou mumbled, removing his apron.

“When you deliver it, you’ll get a parcel back, follow the instructions carefully!” Kakei winked at him innocently.

Rikuou nodded, worried and walked out of the pharmacy, picking his coat up on the way. Kazahaya watched him leave from a different aisle with a sigh. He really liked Rikuou; okay he swore at him a lot and yelled a lot, but that was more because he was embarrassed not angry… With another deep sigh Kazahaya went back to stacking his shelf, but not for long as he felt a pair of strong arms wrap around his waist.

“Saiga!!!” Kazahaya yelled, trying to get out of the hold. He didn’t like being held like this, it felt wrong for any body else but Rikuou doing this. Kazahaya froze, blushing fiercely… did he just think that?… Kazahaya squeaked as Saiga leaned into his ear.

“Kakei wants to talk to you.” His whispers washed over his neck causing him to shiver.

As Saiga let go, Kazahaya rushed into Kakei’s office and sat opposite him. Saiga walked in, grinning and lay down on the couch, probably to fall asleep… tch. Was that all that guy did?

Kakei smiled at Kazahaya before pushing a small parcel in front of him. Kazahaya blinked at it before picking it up and then looking at Kakei worriedly.

“Don’t give me that look, Kudou. In that package is a ring that belonged to someone, I need you to give it back to him so he can give it to his fiancee… is that okay?”

Kazahaya blinked, this seemed too easy, “Yeah… who do I give it to?”

Kakei smiled, “You need to go to the park and wait under the single sakura tree in bloom.”

Kazahaya blinked again, “But it’s autumn… no sakura tree will be in bloom.”

Kakei’s expression went serious, “Are you questioning my orders, Kudou?”

Kazahaya panicked, “No, not at all. Okay, the Sakura tree in blossom will do… how will I know who he is?”

Kakei’s eyes glinted mischievously, “You’ll know… be there at eleven at night, don’t be late or you’ll have to do this again and I won’t give you double payment for that!”

Kazahaya stood and bowed respectfully, “Yes sir, I won’t be late!”

As Kazahaya went to leave Kakei stood, “And one more thing.”

Kazahaya turned and was confronted with a parcel being thrown into his arm, he gave out a yelp, “You’ll need to wear this.”

And with that Kazahaya left. Saiga got up and walked over to Kakei, obviously not sleeping as others would’ve believed him to be doing. He wrapped his arms around Kakei and nibbled at his neck, “Why didn’t you tell him about the rest?”

Kakei smiled darkly, “That would be no fun.”

~ ~ ~

Kazahaya walked around the park mumbling to himself about the weather. Now usually autumn meant cold weather, but oh no, trust him to get a mission on a hot muggy autumn night!! He cursed his luck as he looked around for that damned Sakura tree. He was getting aggravated, he had looked round everywhere and he hadn’t seen no stupid Sakura tree in bloom, just a load of bare ones that looked pretty freaky.

He walked around the park again ready to give up, he was wearing what was in the parcel, it was a black trench coat, with black gloves and dark sunglasses. Oh Kami he hadn’t half got strange looks wearing this while walking down the dingy streets. He cursed his luck again as he walked past the same big brown dead bush. With a sigh he let his body collapse on the ground, he wasn’t enjoying this… at least with the rest of the missions he was doing something, no here he was just walking around getting hot and sweaty and bored!!

The clouds floated away and the moon’s light shone down on the park, illuminating everything and yet causing eerie shadows as well. Great, this is all he needed; freaky shadows making his brain go mad and now actually being able to be seen in the park wearing a black scary outfit.

Kazahaya stood and was about to walk away when his head began to ache. Clutching his head he looked around and gasped in shock as he found himself looking upon a huge Sakura tree in full bloom; it’s pink petals floated around like they were dancing in the breeze and as the moonlight shone upon the tree it made it look alive, shimmering beautifully.

Kazahaya smiled warmly as he approached the tree, leaning against the branch. It was truly beautiful, how could he have not seen this before. As he hands met the bark of the tree his body was filled with senses unknown to him. Unknown forces were invading his mind and memories as well that were not his that tried to take over his own. He found his vision was fading slightly and he felt his hands become sticky. As he pulled his hands up, he gasped as he saw blood upon them.

“What the hell is going on?” Kazahaya whispered.

Rikuou walked through the park wearing a white trench coat with black gloves, a black polo neck and black trousers. He had been told once he had deliver the parcel to meet someone under a Sakura tree that was in bloom and to do what ever the person wanted from him… He had also been told to be expected to be called by a different name. Rikuou didn’t particularly care what that meant, he was just glad he was getting paid after this.

As he walked deeper into the park he found the Sakura tree but was more surprised at who was underneath it. Kazahaya stood there dressed in black, surrounded by sakura petals… he looked absolutely breathtaking and Rikuou couldn’t help but smile at the sight. Kazahaya turned to Rikuou, obviously realising his presence but Rikuou gasped as he noticed Kazahaya’s eye were blank.

“He’s possessed.” Rikuou whispered.

Taking a breath, Rikuou approached Kazahaya who was grinning at him with amusement.

“It’s good to see you’re doing well, Subaru-kun.” Kazahaya’s voice came deep and unnaturally matured… this was not Kazahaya.

“It is good to see you too… Sei-chan.” Rikuou blinked at the name… how did he know that?

A smirk came to Kazahaya as he approached him, reaching into his pocket to pull something out, “I have something for you.”

Kazahaya pulled Rikuou’s left hand out with his own and then placed a golden ring onto his wedding finger. Rikuou couldn’t help but blush as Kazahaya’s possessed form looked him over with lustful eyes. Rikuou froze as Kazahaya brought his hand up to caress his cheek and Rikuou felt himself closing his eyes and leaning into the touch… Was he becoming possessed too?

Abruptly, Kazahaya pushed Rikuou to the floor and climbed on top of him, claiming his lips with his own in a searing kiss that left them both breathless. Rikuou was starting to panic, this wasn’t suppose to be happening, sure he wanted Kazahaya, but not when he was possessed by some dead freak who thought he was his boyfriend! But what scared Rikuou more was how easily his body was falling into the role of being submissive… this was not like him at all.

Kazahaya was screaming inside; he didn’t want to do this, not like this, but he couldn’t help it, his body wouldn’t listen to him, it wanted Rikuou now more than anything. But what worried him more was how much he was enjoying being dominant… a part of him wanted his possessor to make this happen… ‘pervert’ he told himself. Reaching down he kissed Rikuou again.

He was so beautiful, so strong and protective and yet so delicate and fragile. Kazahaya loved kissing him, it felt so good to thrust his tongue into his mouth and explore every cavern while his hands roamed up and down his strong form.

Rikuou groaned into the kiss and touches, he never realised how good it could feel to be like this with Kazahaya, it felt so good.

As the spirits’ touches and actions continued, Kazahaya and Rikuou became more compliant, joining in, mimicking ever touch that the spirits shared, with themselves as well.

Soon their clothes were discarded and they lay there; Kazahaya on top of Rikuou. A grin covered Kazahaya’s face before he reach down and kissed Rikuou fiercely before thrusting into him roughly, causing him to moaning in pleasure and pain. The thrusts came harder and faster each time and his moans became loader and more frequent but the pain soon went and it became their moment of pleasure, enjoying each others’ bodies incredibly, wanting more, needing more. They both panted as sweat rolled off their bodies from their actions and the heat of the night.

Kazahaya groaned as he came within Rikuou who follow him soon behind. Collapsing on top of Rikou they stayed like that for a while. Soon, their bodies began to glow and two black hair spirits rose from their bodies and disappeared into the sakura tree. Rikuou looked down at his hand to watch the ring disappear as well before he fell to sleep in the warmth of his lover. As they slept the moon lost its glow and the sakura petal faded from the tree once more.

~ ~ ~

Morning soon came and Kazahaya woke up feeling tired and drained… yet very comfortable in his position. Looking down his froze as his eyes came in contact with the broad muscles of someone’s chest. Dread filled his stomach as his eyes travelled up to the sleeping face of the person he was lying on. He almost squeaked as he landed on the beautiful face of Rikuou. ‘Oh no… we didn’t!’ Kazahaya looked around to see their clothes scattered around and noticed that his naked body was lying on Rikuou’s naked body… ‘we did’…

Rikuou stirred and looked up at Kazahaya with sad eyes, “Looks like we completed the mission.”

With that Rikuou stood up and began to put his clothes on. Kazahaya blink furiously before growling, “Is that all you have to say?! WE just sex!!”

“We didn’t have sex, those spirits did!” Rikuou retaliated not turning to Kazahaya.

“So… it meant nothing to you?” Kazahaya asked, upset, but needing to know.

“…” Rikuou didn’t reply.

Kazahaya growled, “Answer me damn it!!”

When Rikuou didn’t reply, Kazahaya shot up and stood in front of him, “Rikuou?”

Rikuou looked at Kazahaya with longing, “It wasn’t us… it was forced…”

Kazahaya felt his chest tighten, “I wasn’t forced.” He whispered.

Rikuou looked up shocked, “What?”

“I wasn’t forced… I wanted it…”

Kazahaya leaned forward and kissed Rikuou gently and he return the kiss, “And I don’t think you were either…”

Rikuou smiled, stroking his cheek, “Come on pain… let’s get back.”

Rikuou stood and pulled Kazahaya into his arms, staring into his eyes with a warm smile. Kazahaya smiled back, blushing as he was being studied. Rikuou leaned forward as to kiss him.

“You need more sleep.” A grin spread on Rikuou’s face as he let go of Kazahaya and walked away.

Kazahaya blinked, “WHAT??!! You bastard!! Wait up!!!” Kazahaya rushed after Rikuou who was laughing at him.