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Title: Nuit Douce
Rating: Shounen Ai
Writer's Notes: Hello, I'm still a bit of an amateur at fics. The story's rather short.

Nuit Douce

* * *

From the borders of the japanese skyline he sat watching the red tower at the center of the city. His thoughts were a mystery even to himself, he couldn’t help acknowledge the visions of a ruined city and the great tower decked in blood.

“What are you thinking about?” asked Kakei making his way towards the mound where he sat.

“You,” he cleverly replied.

The owner of the small drugstore had finally got a day off. Arranging “tasks” and normal labor for his two boys was enough to keep him quite occupied. He had been invited for dinner at Kitsukawa park a week earlier.

“The city looks best at dusk,” Kakei said.

Saiga smiled and took out the bottle of white wine his beloved had brought in a basket.

“What’s wrong?” asked Kakei.

“The visions are coming again,” he sighed, “Tokyo… the world, is coming to a closure.”

Kakei placed his left hand on Saiga’s cheek. His right hand reached into his own pocket and pulled a small flask with a green liquid inside.

Kakei sympathized, “I’m sorry.”

He smiled and shoved the flask back into his lover’s pocket. “You’re the only drug I need,” he whispered.

Kakei’s face turned red.

The man took off his jacket and proceeded to do the same with his date.

The bottle of wine was spilt, and both remained motionless in each other’s arms.

Saiga layed a kiss on Kakei’s shoulder, then both melted unto each other’s desires.

The crescent moon lit their bodies from minute to minute as the shadows covered their love.

Kakei was rather reserved, but somehow he made his body move involuntarily. It felt so good even though he knew Saiga’s tragic future.

Every second in his arms felt as natural as a heartbeat. Kakei wished he could give more to him, but all he could do is mark his back with his fingers and moan like an injured kitten.

Somewhere along, Saiga had taken off his dark shades.

“I’ll never get used to your blue eyes,” panted Kakei.

He met Kakei’s hazel eyes, “I’ll never get used to your blue voice,” he replied.

Both fell down in heavy breathing still close to each other. They would have went far longer had the park been theirs.

“Ne… Saiga,” Kakei said, “I’m off for the entire night. Why don’t we go pay a visit to your sister?”

“Hmm… that witch?” he responded.

“She’s been sending a strange boy to pick up her things. I’d like to see her again, it’s been two years.”


“Yes?” he asked.

“You know how Clow Read died?”

“You’ve never told me.”

“…Yuuko ate him.”

“What!?” Kakei chuckled, “Ha ha ha, let’s go to her house you idiot.”

Saiga couldn’t resist when he bit his lip, “I’m not responsible if she tries to swallow that cute head of yours.”

They gathered their untouched dinner and what was left of the spilt wine.

As both left the Tokyo skyline, he still saw the bleeding tower and the deserted city. Though he knew it wouldn’t happen for another thirty years, he couldn’t help but be overwhelmed at the sight.

He then threw his sunglasses over the cliff.

“There are no coincidences in this world,” Saiga thought to himself.

The shades were caught by a large sakura tree below, where a young man held his dying mother.