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Title: Good Morning
Rating: Shounen Ai
Writer's Notes: My very first GD fanfic! Yay! This is just a little theory on why their mornings are always… like that ^^;;

Good Morning

* * *

Every morning, it's the same thing. I'd always have to come to his room to wake him up. The idiot. His sense of time is just about as good as his non-existent sense of direction.

Well, I can understand that he works until the late hours of the night. I can’t chide him for that. He desperately needs the money, and he’ll do just about anything to earn it. Yes, even go as far as doing Kakei’s dangerous jobs. That kind of attitude is what scares me the most. Scared for him, that is. Like what Saiga-san once said, this kid better be careful or he might lose something important. Like his virginity.

Yes, on the outside he looks like an easy target. Seemingly innocent and too defenseless for the world to easily take advantage of. But he’s actually more violent than he appears. He’s too stubborn, anyway. In other words, an annoying pain in the ass. But he’s cute, so he gets away with it all the time. Just like how Kakei covers his inner demon with an angelic smile.

Though, at times like this when he’s asleep and all quiet, he doesn’t seem so bad. Makes you feel like you’d want to protect him from everything that could come in his sleep. He looks so meek and so… pretty?

Pretty… Yes… I once told him that he’s pretty. But I don’t think he believed me. Everyone around him notices, though. I’m surprised he himself doesn’t see that when he looks in a mirror. Idiot. That’s why I told him his eyes are too big. He sees the beauty in everyone else. But fails to see what he has. Light-colored hair and eyes, and such fair skin. And slightly pale, reddish lips. Just a little darker than the color of cherry blossoms…

Beautiful lips…

I wonder if it feels as good as it looks…

Damn idiot.

WHY does he have to sleep with such partly-open lips!? Doesn’t he have any idea how inviting that is?

Heh… you did it again.

Every morning you do this to me over and over again.

Let’s see… Today’s Monday, so it’s a kick in the rib.

“GAAAAAH!!! What the hell!?” He coughs out. “Friggin’ bastard. Can’t you ever wake me up properly!?”

“What, you expect me to wake you up with a kiss?” See the little princess blush. Heh. “Get up and cook breakfast. That’s if you don’t want Kakei to dock your pay for being late.” Smirk at him. He really hates it when I do that.

“Rikuo, you bastard! What did I ever do to you to make you torture me like this? Every single morning!”

“It’s punishment.”

For always seducing me.

“Wha—Grr!!! You just wait… Next time I’ll wake up earlier than you and I’ll have my revenge.” Gritting his teeth like that, he really looks like a harrassed kitty.

“You’ve told me that about a hundred times.”


He’s so cute even when he’s scowling.

* * *

Is all. ^^;; so… what ya think?